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Cupidtino, the Mac dating site that we posted about a little while ago, has finally moved into open beta.Now anyone can go on over there, make a profile and start meeting Mac-minded single men or women looking for a partner.Visitors are greeted on the home page with “Meet an Apple fanboy or girl,” then encouraged to post their photo and answer several profile questions, including “I became a Mac when “…” — to which user Cute T40 replied “I was BORN a ‘mac’ “…but started ‘using’ in 1990.” From there you’re on your own.But the good news is that in my objective single male opinion, there were some good-looking Mac fans to find.If you happen to spot someone you think might be the "one more thing" of your life, you can "Mac her" (tamer than it sounds, basically a "poke"), send a message (free for now, the page says), or find the nearest Apple Store between the two of you, so you can meet up and make eyes at each other over the i Pad table.“The first thing we talked about was apps,” said Agarwal.

Mac is full of single men and women like you looking for dates, lovers, friendship, and fun.

So I didn’t feel awkward talking to her about my Mac for an hour, whereas other people might think I’m talking too much about my Mac.” Agarwal, who’s still friends with the woman, has a lot of company.

With 28,000 active members, Cupidtino has become a gathering place for the Apple-intoxicated to share their Mac passions, swap i Pad stories, bad-mouth PC users, and maybe, just maybe, find life’s ultimate app. I rolled up my sleeves and started the site.” A day after he launched the site in June, more than 6,000 users had signed up.

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It's a dating site for Mac users who are looking for love.

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