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She sets it down upon noticing their captive, taking interest in what may be the first white man she's ever seen.

The warrior chief (wearing a stove pipe hat which a previous victim obviously had no further use for) is intent on doing his grim work, but the girl orders Thoren's release, and they all disappear into the forest, to Thoren's bewilderment (and, no doubt, relief).

Stock footage of wildlife confirms the African setting, though it was more likely intended as filler material.

It takes five minutes for the actual story to get under way.

Gero Wecker, who'd founded Arca in 1953 as an outlet for his low-budget exploitation films, signed Marion to an exclusive 7-year contract, with the intention of producing a series of Liane films.

She was marketed as "Germany's answer to Brigitte Bardot". Borsody, who started his movie career in the early 1920s as a cameraman, went on to write and direct an impressive number of films, starting in the 1930s.

Being a photographer, it was only natural that he made sure the lens was pointed in the right direction for this particular film!

Chia-Hee is being sent with them, to be restored to civilisation.

It begins at the campsite of the Danner expedition, where we're introduced to a group of explorers.

The team's photographer, Thoren (Hardy Kruger), is out photographing wildlife.

Jungle girl movies were a staple in theatres way back in the days when you could see two movies for the price of one, along with a serial, a cartoon and a news reel, with stars such as Dorothy Lamour, Maria Montez, Frances Gifford, Maureen O'Sullivan and Brenda Joyce swinging from one potted plant to another.

Not to be overlooked in all this Hollywood slickness is a lesser-known (and late) entry in the field, LIANE, JUNGLE GODDESS (1956), a four-star film out of Germany (the four stars being Marion Michael, Hardy Kruger, Irene Galter and Reggie Nalder).

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