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I'm interested in the arts, literature, and creative ventures - and looking for someone who would be open to share creative projects with, maybe get a little philosophical, challenge each other's beliefs, etc.I work a job focused on analytics, and it can get quite dull and the people I work with are so serious, so it would be nice to meet someone who can push me creatively.But you see I’ve changed the words to indicate that I’m hungry. I'm at such a point in my life where I have some time to talk, but a lot of people who reply, seem to have normal busy lives, so it's difficult to bond, especially given the time difference.Anyway, help convince me not to get out of bed and go to whataburger for a honey butter chicken biscuit. So, my hope is to find a person in a somewhat similar situation (in other words, someone who doesn't have a well-measured, well-adjusted 9 to 5 lifestyle, but who is lost at their life's crosspath).It's free and easy to start video chatting and having fun, for you never know who you're going to meet next!

Setting your country and gender filters will help you get connected with more relevant matches based on your preferences.

Cheers Two users who spam here in particular (I won't post their full usernames)Wet Kim** A very well known scammer/blackmailer who will try and extort/blackmail hundreds of dollars from you. Also remember to report these users to the mods and admins You can report them to the admins thru here out of my mind, weekend plans fell through, and I will probably spend tonight playing video games and reading.

He also has a few other known identities, tasteme***, adrew3***, jkate9***andoliviax** Same deal, He will try and extort/blackmail hundreds of dollars from you. Looking for someone to have a voice chat with, and clean chats only.

Currently in love with Lana's new album, and enjoy listening to classic rock, 90s, foreign music, chill mixes (like Blume, or Owsey) - pretty much everything except EDM honestly. If you think we could have something to talk about, let me know.

I'm a man who has been deliberately saving his first kiss; seeking a girl in a similar situation, or even just other like-minded folks.

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