Michelle obama dating barack

The actual date of this photo is unknown, but judging by the children’s ages, it looks to be somewhere around 2003.The couple’s two children, Malia and Sasha, are smiling in their parents’ arms.They danced to Stevie Wonder’s “You and I.” After the wedding, the couple headed off to the California coast to celebrate their honeymoon.

Making room for down time proves to help relationships, and the couple can be seen taking in the sites with the family on their trip to Bar Harbor. This photo of the power couple was captured in 2012. It’s a reminder of where they each came from and how far they’ve come as a team.

Barack and Michelle Obama were the face of politics for eight years while former President Obama ran the country.

But regardless of which side you’re on, one thing we can all agree on is their marriage was rock solid through his entire presidency.

By now, both were lawyers but had not yet had any kids.

(The couple’s older daughter, Malia, was not born until 1998.) This photo was posted by the Obama White House in 2015 to say happy Valentine’s Day.

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