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Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of Michigan and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. A book is a set of sheets of paper, parchment, or similar materials that are fastened together to hinge at one side.Cardinal Mercier has appealed to the Food Administration for more food for starving millions. Ship more to the war-stricken people of France - Belgium - Italy. It is both a patriotic and a humane service that is rendered by every citizen who becomes a member of the American Red Cross." … Jewish Welfare Board War Camp Community Service American Library Association Salvation Army : United War Work Campaign 0.500.000. The building of ships is more than a construction job - it is our chance to win the war. : Are you giving the best that is in you to help your son, brother, or pal who is "over there"? Marine Corps Recruiting Station 24 East 23rd Street, - - New York, N. The father of our country appealed for soldiers as follows : to all brave, healthy, able bodied, and well disposed young men, in this neighbourhood, who have any inclination to join the troops, now raising under General Washington. La renaissance des foyers en Alsace : vente au profit de l'oeuvre : Jeudi 22 et Vendredi 23 Novembre 1917 de 1h. 61, Rue de Varenne, (Nord-Sud Solférino) : vêtements confectiones laine à tricoter et produits alimentaires d'Alsace objects d'art, etc.America's food pledge : 20 million tons we have promised to feed the hungry millions of Europe - the Allies and liberated nations : save food : two-thirds more than last year from stocks no larger : United States Food Administration. Venite qui a cercare la libertà dovete ora aiutare a conservarla il pane è necessario agli alleati non sprecate nulla. You came here seeking freedom now you have to help to preserve it bread is necessary to the allies do not waste anything.) approximately 1917 "The time has come to conquer or submit."- "For us there is but one choice. : Buy a bond of the 2nd liberty loan and help win the war. "4-C" ; "Howard Chandler Christy, 1919" ; "Honor Roll / Du Bois / Smith / O'Brien / Cejka / Haucke / Pappandrikopolous / Andrassi / Villotto / Levy / Turovich / Kowalski / Chriczanevicz / Knutson / Gonzales"--text on poster. 1917 The motorman and conductor of this car are members of the United States Fuel Administration and they are pledged to save electricity which means coal : War Board American Electric Railway Association. let this be your part : our country is depending on you : Emergency Fleet Corporation. Gouvernement militaire de Paris : Armée de Paris, habitants de Paris, les membres du gouvernement de la république ont quitté Paris pour donner une impulsion nouvelle à la défense nationale. Le gouverneur militaire de Paris, Commandant l'Armée de Paris, Galliéni. Schwab director general of the Emergency Fleet Corporation says "I want everyone in the yards to understand that when we succeed in building these ships, the credit will belong to the men who actually built them : "I want all the men in the shipyards to feel that they are working with me, not for me." He did his duty : "No finer military organization than the Marine Corps exists in the world." George Dewey. He who gives to his work the best that is in him does his bit as truly as the man who fights. : United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation. prompts me to join the appeal for its further financial support. On land or see or in the air you'll find Uncle Sam's Marines : they go first! For the defence of the liberties and independence of the United States, against the hostile designs of foreign enemies, take notice, … : Goûter - visite de l'hôtel et des collections de la Chine et du Japon appartenant à Mme. 1917 Préparation de la jeunesse Française au service militaire : jeunes Français!The product made in this plant is used for building ships. tout contrevenant aux ordres qui précèdent sera puni avec toute la rigueur des lois. YMCA : "A sense of obligation for the varied and useful service rendered by the Y. " : Gain an hour of daylight : "just set the clock ahead one hour, Uncle - no longer working day for anybody - but all of it in daylight. National War Savings Committee of California (South)"--text, sheet pasted on verso of poster. The American ambulance in Russia : 527 Fifth Avenue, New York : This is the only American ambulance now saving lives in Russia : send contributions to executive office, 527 Fifth Ave., New York City, Room 501. If you are physically fit and between 18 and 45 years of age, are you really satisfied with what you are doing to-day? Do you feel happy as you walk along the streets and see other men wearing the King's uniform? What will you say in years to come when people ask you 'where did you serve in the great war"? What would happen to the empire and Canada if every man stayed at home? : Find out : then enlist to help win the war : consult or write the Recruiting Committee the Mayor's Committee on National Defense Hall of Records Chambers Street New York. 1918 Cercle national pour le soldat de Paris : 15, Rue Chevert (VIIe) : cercle militaire des troupes de la garnison …the ships can be completed only as fast as the material and equipment for each ship arrives at the shipyard. Use this extra hour of daylight for your country." United Cigar Stores Company. Uncle Sam expects you to make good your war savings pledge : have you bought your July allotment? Display this poster in your window on these days: Sunday, July 28th, to Wednesday, July 31st, Inc. Let us remember : that between July 23rd and 28th, 1914 Austria-Hungary without consulting Italy, her ally, presented to Serbia a brutal ultimatum, which has no equal among civilized nations, and declared war on her. Let us all remember that in order to win a lasting peace, Germany's military power must be forever crushed! Originated and Produced for the Liberty Loan Committee entirely by members of the American Expeditionary Force." A wonderful opportunity for you : United States Navy offers to American citizens, of good character, of ages 17 to 29, inclusive, and in sound physical condition, the best chance to see the world, save money, learn a trade and serve their country. Approved by the Committee on Public Information and shown by permission of the War and Navy Departments : Joseph Pennell's original drawings of war works in America : Rosenbach Galleries, 1320 Walnut St. 1918 Fédération des Républicains Democrates du Finistère : mes chers concitoyens, le pavillon du Président Wilson flotte sur la rade de Brest … Vive la grande république des Etats-Unis d'Amérique! If you can use tools you are wanted : your country needs ships and men to build them - armies, munitions and supplies are useless in this war without ships to transport them - go to the nearest shipyard and offer your services - you can thus help to win the war and make the world safe for democracy. Navy Recruiting Station or the postmaster of your home town. Includes two photographs of planes; "Thousands of skilled mechanics have enlisted in the Air Service for work in the airdromes, close up behind the lines … : your king and country need you : enlist to-day : god save the king and the boys! Christmas 1918 comfort bags or "sacs de surprises" : 20,000 of them from Illinois will be needed to supply the wounded boys in French hospitals : .50 sends one over there : practically every wounded soldier has lost his pocket knife and all other little necessary comforts which these bags contain : the American fund for French wounded : 60 East Washington Street, Chicago. Entièrement Gratuit : ouvert tous les jours de 14 heures à 20 heures à tous les militaires en uniforme … Demacby et cie, banquiers, 27 rue de Londres : Pour souscrire s'adresser: M. Union des familles Françaises et Alliées sous le haut patronage de monsieur le président de la République : 9, Rue Laffittee, 9."A wonderful boy," said the maiden, who worshipped him from afar. Do not place broken crockery, glass or other household wastes in the garbage pail. The group which does the most toward winning the war, will have the greatest influence after the war is over.

: The American soldier goes forth to fight : back him up with all your might : buy a liberty bond.

By jumping from place to place you are hindering their rapid completion. Why is it necessary to eat less meat and less wheat bread? eat plenty, wisely, without waste, and help win the war : United States Food Administration Washington, D. To lay foundations for an enduring peace by extending to our allies a message of practical relief and sympathy; carrying to them an expression of the finest side of American character. : Publications of the Committee on Public Information (Established by Order of the President, April 14, 1917) 10 Jackson Place - - - - Washington, D. : Buy United States Government bonds : third liberty loan. "My boy," said his country, when the call came-to war! all moneys received will be expended for ambulances for use in France. Do it by eating less wheat beef - pork - fats and sugar. 1917 Make a sacrifice : every man who shoulders a gun risks his all for his country. Free transportation to the United States will be furnished on discharge to those desiring it. : The Committee of Food Supply 36 Pearl St., Hartford, will send you a bulletin on the growing of wheat and rye in Connecticut : rye is a safe, sane, and sensible crop for Connecticut.

: Stick to your job : the boys in the trenches are fighting for you. Liberty bonds are engraved certificates bearing the guarantee of the Government and People of the United States … : The United States Food Administration asks you to get behind our soldiers, sailors and Allies by sending them now the most food possible in the least shipping space. : An all American, largely volunteer organization - authorized by Congress, headed by President Wilson, its accounts audited by the War Department, enthusiastically endorsed by General Pershing : it is working for your Army - your Navy - your allies - and you. : "Peace based on justice and fairness and the common rights of mankind." : An historic document which should be preserved : August 27, 1917. " : One extra hour of daylight for every man, woman and child in the United States means 100,00,000 hours of extra daylight each day for added national service! Hippodrome Sunday evening October 14 Christmas cheer rally for our sailors abroad : Lieut. "our boy," said his mother and father, as they proudly watched him march away to take his part in the great struggle for freedom and humanity. Each ambulance to be inscribed Metropolitan Golf Association of New York : show by your subscriptions that golfers are not mere pleasure seekers : "Do your bit! Kościuszko i Pułaski walczyli za wolność Polski i innych naródow! All arms of the service are open for enlistment and choice of regiment as far as practicable will be permitted. Hero land : or over the top with Uncle Sam and his allies : Grand Central Palace opening Nov. Volunteer and choose your own branch of the service : Uncle Sam : Army - Artillery - Cavalry - Engineers - Hospital Corps - Infantry - Marine Corps - Nat'l Guard - Naval Militia - Navy - Quartermaster Corps : which for you? It is also inspiring to do one's daily work in the spirit of service to the country: wherever you are whatever you do you help to win the war by doing your work well : Department of Commerce Office of the Secretary.

"Mielziner 1917"--text, artist's signature in stone, bottom right of image. Every ship is needed to carry soldiers and supplies now. Go build a hut or dugout by billet or by trench- a shelter from the horror, the cold, the filth, the stench! 1917 Farm for freedom : young men of America between sixteen and twenty-one years earn a badge of honor : join the United States Boys' Working Reserve now! Free transportation to the United States will be furnished on discharge to those desiring it. For the particulars apply to nearest United States Army Recruiting Station or nearest British Consulate or headquarters British Recruiting Mission 280 Broadway (corner of City Hall Square) New York. Help our town win the right to fly this flag : third liberty loan honor roll : these are the people of our town who are helping to win the war by investing in government bonds of the third liberty loan. Treptow's pledge : he had almost reached his goal when a machine gun dropped him. Compagnie Algérienne : société anonyme au capital de 62.500.000 francs entièrement verses : siège social: 50, Rue d'Anjou, Paris : Souscrire, c'est hâter son retour avec la victoire : 3e emprunt de la défense nationale : les souscriptions sont reçue au siège social et dans toutes les succursales. He put his arm around the shoulder of the man he met at the bottom, and they stood there listening. Second United States official war picture : America's answer : presented by the Division of Films Committee on Public Information George Creel, chairman : photographed by the U. No more defiant answer could be given to the enemy's challenge. [1916] "Poulbot 1915" ; "Publié sous les auspices de la Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Française qui fait appel a tous les travailleurs, a tous les prévoyants, a tous les patriotes pour la libération du territoire et la victoire finale." Le bon feu 1914 - 1915 - 1916 : sous le patronage de mesdames: la Princesse Lucien Murat - la Marquise de Ganay, la Baronne Henri de Rothschild. Dimanche 6 Février 1916 a 14 heures 1/2, Palais du Trocadéro : le programme de cette fête sera ultérieurement affiché. 50-50 : the job of beating up the Hun, which I've been at, my lad, would still be far from finished "over there," but Fritz saw you were ready and he shouted "kamerad! I perform my duties smartly and cheerfully and have no use for kickers.

; "With the compliments of the artist VI-1918 to the War College Bist. of Canada." Sugar means ships : the consumption of sugar sweetened drinks must be reduced. Where boys we love, returning from out the gory loam can sight the red triangle and find a bit of home! Go make a friendly corner, so lads can take the pen and get in touch with mother and God's clean things again! : Apply or write United States Boys' Working Reserve, Washington, D. Read the official bulletin : published daily under order of the president of the United States by Committee on Public Information George Creel chairman : war information : save writing to Washington for what you want to know … By the president of the United States of America a proclamation : the second liberty loan gives the people of the United States an opportunity to lend their funds to their Government to sustain their country at war. Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States of America do appoint Wednesday, the 24th of October, as Liberty Day ... : "if food fails, we cannot hold out" "send food and we will win through" : Supplying food is America's prime responsibility in the war right now. The next two months will tell- : wheat is the test! Let there not be a man or a woman among us who, when the war is over, will not then be able to say: "I was not idle." "I took such part as I could in the greatest task which, in all the storied annals of our country, has ever fallen to the lot of Great Britain to achieve." : The Prime Minister. Why Germany wants peace : every American ought to know why we entered this war. : The homeless women and children of Poland are far but need they be far from your hearts? 1915 Come on you sea-cooks : the big German liners which the government is now fitting out as Army transports need a large commissary staff, and the Navy wants American citizens and aliens of friend nations with first papers to serve as cooks, stewards and mess attendants on board these ships going abroad; men who are to cook and prepare the food and serve it. enlist in Naval Reserve Force - for the war only : apply to nearest Navy Recruiting Station. America owes France the most unalterable gratitude : 1917- . In a pocket of his blouse they found his pledge: "I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost as if the whole issue of the struggle depended on me alone.": You who are not called upon to die - subscribe to the fourth liberty loan. My soldier : now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep. This entertainment to be held under auspices of Woman's Auxiliary for Navy Recruiting. Every stroke of a hammer, every turn of a wheel may score as heavily as a shot fired from the trenches. A small cry carried down to them, so that tears glistened in the man's eyes as he bade the old doctor good-night. Army (also 100 cooks) : if you can bake bread Uncle Sam wants you - if you can't bake bread Uncle Sam will teach you how in a government school. 1916 Exposition de tableaux de maîtres modernes du 14 Février au 14 Mars 1916 - tous les jours de 10 heures à 18 heures Dimanches et fêtes compris : vente au profit de l'oeuvre le vêtement du prisonnier de guerre : galerie Georges Bernheim 40, Rue de la Boëtie Paris. [1916] En Belgique les Belges ont faim : tombola artistique au profit de l'alimentation populaire de Belgique … I shall stick until I am told that I am no longer needed and until I receive an honorable discharge. Columbia calls : dedicated to the people of the United States of America : Awake!

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