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And since then, the main production Rat has been updated and altered many times, with new enclosure styles and various component swaps.A notable change, for example, came in the form of a switch from a LM308 to an OP07DP op amp chip in the early 2000s.However, the voltage gain of this stage will not reach such a values as 67d B.The gain will be limited by op-amp characteristics and also by the clipping diodes action, as it will be studied in the Diode Clipping Section.

Often, you'll see the inclusion of this chip advertised by sellers in the title of their Reverb listings.The signal is band limited in high and low frequencies.This mid hump around 1KHz helps to keep the guitar sound from getting lost in the overall mix of the band.Harmonics below 1.5 KHz and 60Hz are attenuated due to the high-pass filters.In high frequencies there is also a roll-off because of the low pass filter and the op-amp gain-bandwidth product, both effects more noticeable at high-gain (blue lines).

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