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For one, you can make your profile so compelling that girls will be making the first move to talk to you (but don't lie either, which we'll get into next! But on a more serious note, here are some major advantages of meeting online. So how do you go about starting a conversation that may actually lead somewhere? Online dating could actually be in your favor if you feel like you're not the smoothest guy.Have a strong opening profile statement about yourself that sums up who you are in a sentence.

You only want to pique her interest enough so that she responds and a conservation will flow. Online dating gives you the advantage to craft a unique opener.This is a matter of national security so you'll need to provide a compelling argument." If you can't think of anything to say, own it. I wanted to get to know you but I couldn't think of something clever to say, so can we just pretend that I did and go from there? Ask an open-ended question that speaks to her personality. They found that words like "You mention," "good taste," "I noticed that," and "curious that" engage the most interest. You may be funnier than other guys, better looking, smarter or wittier, and it's important to play into your strengths. "This is may be super corny, but there's just something about your smile that made me want to learn more about you." Compliment on her talents and activities, like if she's crafty or adventurous, or volunteers. Make teasing jokes that are actually compliments after you've learned more about her. I never imagined someone as cute as you would be into Mortal Kombat!" Tip: OKCupid has found that short messages at around 200 characters (around 40 words) get the best response rate. Write something unique that will get her attention. If you were building a fortress for a zombie apocalypse, where would you build it and why? Be thoughtful and deeper if you consider yourself a romantic. This may sound so cliché, but I usually end my Sundays with a sunset walk along the beach, followed by dinner at this really cool pub I recently discovered. " If it's an obscure interest, you can even throw yourself some back-hand and say that you thought you were the only one. You start to overthink and all of a sudden, your fingers lock up and you end up saying nothing. You will continue to never get over your fears and stay exactly where you are. You don't want to seem boring, stupid, or worse, creepy. You're passing up the possibility of a meaningful relationship.

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