R java file not updating

If it is, and you're still seeing this, it is likely some other bug; please file a new issue with as much detail as possible.(Note that this bug is specific to non-Gradle projects.by renaming the variables and leaving the references untouched, or is this unsafe?If you pause for a moment and think about your navigation patterns, you’ll notice that most of the time you work with a finite set of files.

This behavior is not automatically enabled when using NTFS on Linux or OS X, as reported in issue 202297, but can be manually specified in idea.properties:#--------------------------------------------------------------------- # IDEA can copy library files to prevent their locking.# By default this behavior is enabled on Windows and disabled on other platforms.#--------------------------------------------------------------------- nocopy=false There was a bug in the find_command that shipped with SDK Tools 24.0.0.

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There is a separate fix, similar to missing R fields, for Gradle projects, with a different solution; that fix didn't go into 0.1.7.) This issue isn't marked fixed yet because the root cause isn't fixed.

In the most recent occurrence of this plagued problem, my Android lib project was using a Web View.

In the future, simply do a file search for R.class and note the path where it is located.

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