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Archetypally, these roles belong to intimate relationships, and so we grow up observing them and making use of them.We need them – the things that they carry with them.Let’s take the roles of mother or father, for example – these are archetypal roles which encompass a large range of possibilities and there’s no need to try to perform them all fully – other people can be asked to do that.Sometimes, if somebody wants to perform one role completely, it can “suck them in”. If we try to perform 100% of it, we will have no energy left for anything else.If somebody identifies with only one of the roles they perform, they may reject or marginalize characteristics and behaviors which don’t belong to that role.For example – if a woman is very focused on the role of wife, on ensuring stability in her relationship with her husband, taking care of the house, etc., then she is less able to focus on her relationships with her children, for example, or on the role of lover or friend.If our parents put a lot of energy and attention onto one of these roles, then this becomes a kind of norm for a child. Some behaviours are forbidden and this means that we operate on certain given tracks and it’s difficult for us to notice other possibilities.Often these alternatives are defined as something bad, immoral, unpleasant, difficult or hard work, and then we don’t make use of these roles.

A conversation about what roles are needed in a relationship, how to make changes in a relationship, why people cheat on each other, and many, many other important issues.We live in a culture in which the role of mother is very important for women.This is why it’s often difficult for women to identify with the role of lover after they get married.It’s never the case that they only have a positive side.Let’s go back for a moment to the first question: “why is it a good thing to draw on the potential of each role? Moving from role to role smoothly is the most useful approach.

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