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I dropped a friend off at main campus one summer weekend and the minute my feet hit the pavement I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to be there.

The day I got back to my hometown I signed up for classes at the local community college.

This led to the opportunity to be a co-host on A&E’s hit docu-drama Paranormal State (2007-2011), which chronicled the work of PRS.

I then served as the host for Chiller’s “Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies”, which explores the real life terror behind some of the world’s most iconic horror films.

I’ve worked on various projects over the years in both film and television.

We've also been doing some house cleaning so the page may have been moved or removed.Among other subjects, Buell discusses his bisexuality and his struggle to reconcile his sexual orientation with Catholicism, the faith with which he was raised."I've decided to share my sexuality and struggle over faith in hopes that others will no longer feel as though they are alone or that they can't be religious." Buell's friend and collaborator on Paranormal State, Chip Coffey, claimed that the ticket sales had exceeded ,000, and that while he had been in charge of helping plan the shows, he learned that Buell had not actually booked any of them.Having grown up in haunted houses left me with a desire to seek out the unknown. In fact, in third grade I had a teacher tell me that I was never going to amount to anything and that no one would ever hire me. I barely graduated high school and had no real ambition to go to college, the words of that third grade teacher stayed with me for years and I guess over time I believed them.I’m often asked, “How in the world did you become a paranormal investigator? However, a trip to The Pennsylvania State University changed my life.

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