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Worldwide, about three-fourths of professional developer respondents have the equivalent of a bachelor's degree or higher, consistent with what we've found in previous years.

Developers who work with languages such as VBA, F#, and Clojure have the most years of professional coding experience, while developers who work with languages like Python, PHP, and Kotlin have the fewest.

This year marks the ninth year we’ve published our annual Developer Survey results, and nearly 90,000 developers took the 20-minute survey earlier this year.

Despite our survey’s broad reach and capacity for informing valuable conclusions, we acknowledge that our results don’t represent everyone in the developer community evenly.

Pairs that are highly correlated include database administrator and system administrator, Dev Ops specialist and site reliability engineer, academic researcher and scientist, and designer and front-end developer.

Survey weighting is an approach used to analyze survey data when the survey sample doesn't match the underlying population well.

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