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After all they are no longer a rookie group in a big company who has to churn out album after album. No matter how the girls screaming, he remained the same. My friends shouting his name like no end but he's still so quiet. Eric doesn't want because of him the game was being disturbed. I saw talk show about him rejecting a movie because of nude scene with the co-star. Not that those actors who has explicit scenes are bad, but sometimes I think movies just did those without any relation to the stories.

Wishing the best for Eric, I pray that he will work as hard in keeping his new family together as he's been keeping Shinhwa together. I first saw him in Spy Myeungwol where he was basically parodying himself as a spoilt hallyu star who falls in love with a North Korean spy,tasked to kidnap and smuggle him to North Korea. heard he's getting married but unfortunately his fans become angry because of this marriage. And I think this is the time he should be more focus about his own life. From one match, I could see this guy is the one that we can lean on as a friend. I hope he meet PD or producer who can utilize his 'dark' acting more than just using him as 'a hottie that can make female viewers horny' with tons of skinships in his dramas. "Shinhwa is holding Eric back," says the person who's not into kpop. The reason why Shin Chang keeps mentioning Shinhwa in 3MAD videos is because of their experience in variety shows. He has this kinda wild danger guy vibes which need to be explored.

I loved watching it but when I watched Another Miss Oh, WOW. I kept on watching it even.after completing the episodes. In an episode of Happy Together, Eric said himself he already turned down 3MAD because Eric doesn't like to do variety shows without his members, he's that shy.

I got hooked with you after watching Discovery Romance. I'm always excited after work because I'll be watching the episodes. Always the group first, that is what makes Shinhwa different from other groups, hence their 20, 40, 60-year group survival and friendship.

Fans had speculated the two were in a relationship even after denying the rumors back in 2014. Follow Officially Kmusic for all the latest news in Korean entertainment!What makes my heart melted, he does pray before having meal. I would just like to say to you guys that before you rant, just remember that you post it in a public site where everyone could see.Therefore, other people would naturally react whether good or bad about it. But keep your facts straight people, before you get "annoyed".He was superb in the emotional scenes and his acting in Que Sera Sera and Another Miss Oh was also top notch! I'm now currently watching all your dramas even way back 2004. Eric and Seo Hyun Jin are really professional actors. This two really into their characters, fall in love and such but when Director said 'cut', they just turn as themselves again. Always take care people and sometime too nice that make people easily fall for him. Kang Tae Joo in Que Sera Sera is still best of Eric in my book. "Shinhwa members are like ahjusshis." Uhhh...because they are??!?! He does not need to be affiliated with Shinhwa 24/7. It has been a while since they appear in variety show as a whole group (interviews and public appearances don't count) and we just want to see those silly, crazy Shinhwa brotherhood again. Please comeback soon after you finish the activities of your boy band. He's naturally handsome, cool, calm and very dependable. One thing I really like from Eric, he never touched his female leads if not related to works. I saw behind the scenes of his works on youtube channel, such as Spy Myung Wol, Que Sera Sera and Another Miss Oh, he always so gentle towards his female leads. And such a sweet moment when in reverse, it always the girls who touched or lean on him.One of the rare idol stars who relies on more than his looks. We can see their tongue in every kisses but clear that they just finished it in one take. And Hyun Jin also act so professional to reciprocate all the kisses Eric gived. It's hard to believe if no romantic feelings at all. Can't blame him if some people misunderstood his nice behavior as love. But when I saw how he always took care his other co-stars, I think I was delulu much about Richyun and already move on^^. Next time, refrain from reading Youtube comments if you are easily annoyed by fans of idol groups. I think those female leads really comfortable around him.

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