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The solution to that is for them to meet enough new people to realize that they are all just like that.

Someone with honest intentions,ready to be commited would like to travel and loves to be ..

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Today, the alphabet is used by over 16,000,000 people to write Sinhala in very diverse contexts, such as newspapers, TV commercials, government announcements, graffiti, and schoolbooks.

Tamils actually live in Sri Lanka are much much more friendlier. There could be isolated rare parts in the country where some Tamils still hate Sinhalese and vise versa. I am Tamil married to a sinhalese girl and her parents hated tamils since they had moved out of sri Lanka in the late 70s.

Largely, such hate is very rare nowadays in both communities. While dating we had broken up for a while due to her parents but eventually said f u to them and got married.

I'm using a throwaway account for personal reasons and I'm not sure if it is okay for me to post about this issue that I'm facing in this sub.

My dad is from Sri Lanka and he's been in Malaysia for over 20 years and my mum is a Malaysian Sinhalese.

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