Speed dating for dog lovers

After the cocktail hour, everyone will be asked to sit at a long table with their doggos, which will be seated next to them in luxury dog beds by P. The event is the first of its kind by Dig, which launched last year in New York City.

According to Isaacson, including four-legged friends in your romantic life is a smart thing to do.

The question of whether someone is a dog person is actually meaningful.

"Everything about the app is about compatibility for who you want to spend life with but also for your dog, because they may not get along," she said.

"And when thinking about dating a dog person there's another piece – dog people see each other as more trustworthy and that they better understand body language." Plus, dog owners are more likely to be athletic, or at least mobile.

Even though Dig is an app, Isaacson said it does encourage people to stray from the swiping culture.

It was the first speed dating event for the training center, and attendants are hooked on the concept.

Those with a pup in tote will however get plenty of free treats, water and puppy baby-sitting.“You can tell a lot about a person by their dog — by the way they treat their dog,” said Curran.Come celebrate National Dog Day at our Dates & Drafts speed dating event!you're meeting a lot of people at once, but you're also meeting more dogs at once. Those who don't want to speed date don't have to — they can sit at the hotel's Bar One One Four and sip on specialty cocktails with their pup in tow.You'll have a lot more fun and they help you let your walls down." Once you and your pup pass through the doors, there will be an hour of cocktails and mingling when you can both visit Groomit, an at-home grooming company, for a nail trim or a fluff; ask celebrity veterinarian Dr. In the end, you may not leave with a date, but you can leave with a new dog.

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