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If the SPD party base decides against a coalition with the CDU/CSU, the government formation, expected to be concluded until April at the latest, might be in jeopardy again.

“More work, less talk” “Negotiators have their work cut out for them,” Angela Merkel said before the start of the exploratory talks at the SPD party headquarters, the Willy-Brandt-Haus, in Berlin.

Parts of CDU/CSU have already criticised Schulz’s plans as “utopic”.

Old problems, new style After the first day of the negotiations, the parties involved seem to have made substantial progress in the areas of agriculture, infrastructure and domestic policy.

Europe could become a focal point in the remake of the grand coalition.

To the SPD, this looks like a factual (“upper limit”) and like a breach of the Geneva Convention on Refugees as well as the right of asylum.

Additionally, the SPD opposes the CSU demand to cut the period in which asylum seekers are entitled to get reimbursed for the basic requirements to 15 months from the current three years.

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Nevertheless, the negotiators have signalled readiness to compromise.

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