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STUDIES AN Mustafa Ali’s Epic Deeds of Artists A Critical Edition of the Earliest Ottoman Text about the Calligraphers and Painters of the Islamic World EDITED, TRANSLATED AND COMMENTED BY ESRA AKIN-KIVANg BRILL Mustafa c Ali’s Epic Deeds of Artists Islamic History and Civilization Editorial Board Sebastian Gunther Wadad Kadi VOLUME 87 The titles published in this series are listed at Regulation (Qa'ide) Now let it not be hidden that that group [i.e., writers] is divided into two categories.Mustafa 'Alis Epic Deeds of Artists A Critical Edition of the Earliest Ottoman Text about the Calligraphers and Painters of the Islamic World Edited, translated and commented by Esra Akin-Kivan^ ' / 6 8 ' BRILL LEIDEN . The first category [includes those] whose beautiful writing is agreeable and, in accordance with the noble hadith, “Writing is what is legible,” those whose inability to write beautifully is not shameful. From them, I learned many things that books do not teach. The vertical stroke on the letter kaf resembles a pen, and the nun is shaped like an inkpot. Surat al-Nun is also called Surat al-Qalam because of its opening: “Nun. Synopsis of Relationships among Manuscript Versions. Ay§e Ataman for helping me pursue my academic training in the United States, and to my husband, Osman Kivam;, for sharing me with Mustafa ‘Ali and for supporting me with love, humor, patience, and culinary feasts.

[Praises and salutations] to Gods intelligent beloved, the illustrious intercessor on the Day of Judgment, that is, to the graceful person of his Excellency Muhammad Mustafa, who must be revered, and to his wives, children, companions, and family! 14 The letter ' ayn resembles the eye, the letter rd the eyebrow, and the letter nun the ear, or the sidelocks over the ear. M.), John Huntington, and Andrew Shelton for their inspiration and mentorship while I was a graduate student at the Ohio State University. I also wish to thank Professors James Morganstern (Mr. 18 Praises of pure gratitude and sincere | salutations to the noble soul of that unlettered prophet ( nebi-i ummi)' 9 of exalted rank, the messenger of agreeable [and] dignified virtues! Previous Scholarship on the Epic Deeds of Artists . With the mighty Pen, the Scribe of Creation fashioned On two pages the design of fickle fortune.

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But if they see a sign, they turn away, and say, ‘This is [but] tran¬ sient magic.’” For an analysis of the spiritual lesson of this event, see Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Qur’an; Text, Translation and Commentary (New York, n.d.,), 1454.

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