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She will bake bread or scones so you have for your breakfast and provide you with mint tea from the garden.

Elena, the lighthouse owner, is living on the attic of the lighthouse keepers' house and will be around to help out.

La Boeuf proposes joining Cogburn, but Mattie refuses his offer.

She wishes Chaney to be hanged in Arkansas for her father's murder, not in Texas for killing the senator.

Cogburn and Mattie meet a trail doctor who directs them to an empty dugout for shelter.

They find two outlaws, Quincy and Moon, and interrogate them.

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La Boeuf expresses his displeasure by spanking Mattie with a stick, but Cogburn eventually allows Mattie to accompany them.

After a dispute over their respective service with the Confederate Army, Cogburn ends their arrangement and La Boeuf leaves to pursue Chaney on his own.

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