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Further, Dyke has collaborated with other You Tubers such as Matthew Santoro, Enya Umanzor, Yuya, Cayleigh Elise, and a few others.

That’s how we got to meet individuals like an (Read more)….In the present world, anybody can earn name and fame as well as build their career through websites like You Tube, Facebook, etc.From these websites, a number of people have become internet celebrities and social media stars, such as Rob Dyke aka Rob Gavagan, an American storyteller, and You Tuber. As a matter of fact, he was formerly known as Rob Dyke.Being such a renowned celebrity, Gavagan undoubtfully earns a hefty sum of money through his career. To date, he has over 2.9 Million subscribers on his You Tube.Moreover, Gavagan also probably added some amount of money to his net worth through his previous jobs such as Private Investigator, Undercover Security, etc.

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  2. It's everything you and your friends are already screaming at the TV during "real" dating shows; the funny, the cringe-worthy and the brutally honest. As a 22 year old male I don't find this show that thrilling because it's pretty much the perfect fit for the average white female in her early 20s.