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Rather, the wife's acceptance of the money is a symbolic way of demonstrating her acceptance of the husband, just like acceptance of the contract or the sexual intercourse.

Marriage, like everything worthwhile in life, requires dedication, effort and energy.

" The rabbi said that G-d has been arranging marriages.

The Roman woman scoffed at this, saying that arranging marriages was a simple task, but the rabbi assured her that arranging marriages properly is as difficult as parting the Red Sea.

It cannot be borrowed, although it can be a gift from a relative. In addition, the ring's value must be known to the wife, so that there can be no claim that the husband deceived her into marrying by misleading her as to its value.

In all cases, the Talmud specifies that a woman can be acquired only with her consent, and not without it. As part of the wedding ceremony, the husband gives the wife a ketubah.

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