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The goal is to have your countertop act as a ‘go-between’ between your white sink and almond fixtures.This countertop is a manufactured marble that has a blend of cream, beige and off-white in it – making it a great ‘go-between’ for the almond toilet and tub and the white sink.Besides knowing the techniques and options available to paint on bathroom tiles, now you are ready to create your own art and unique painting in your bathroom.There is no doubt that this bathroom painting can create a different appearance and absolutely make it personalized.Most travertines have warmer, creamier colours which are well-suited to almond. However, things add up FAST when you’re updating/renovating, so if you’d rather keep your budget at a dull roar, check out these tile-choosing tips…These almond/bone coloured subway style tiles are a great way to modernize an almond tub as they are a few tones darker than almond and add some visual depth to the space.Try to find a tile or linoleum that is either a mix of creams (which can include a bit of white) or a tile with other colours and a dominant cream coming through (as shown in the collage below). then you should spend the extra moula and get a white tub.

The bathroom is just one of the priciest rooms in the home to do, and so I try to be quite safe because the pieces are likely to be expensive to change out like a tub, states Dallas designer Suzanne Felber. The plan can be achieved with diverse sizes of diamonds or inside a repeating manner.If you’re looking for a quick pick, travertine tile (or the look-alike porcelain) is hands-down the best tile to update a bathroom with almond fixtures. It is way deeper than the old standards and has nice sloping on the inside for your arms to rest.Avenzo Silver Travertine This silver travertine is a great way to lean toward the gray side of the palette, while still hitting the needs of your fixtures. The only thing it lacks is a drink holder for your glass of wine – WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?The second option of painting is, apply two coats of two part epoxy paint, which is especially made for tile.Try to follow the direction as specified in the label.

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