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Let’s assume the app uses this route configuration: Usually, this will be a list of URL that gets included from a third party package, but it can also be used with the internal apps.

This construct will not work anymore in Django 2.0, as the app_name was removed from the list of arguments of the include function.

We can get several benefits from the newer version of the django.

Upgrading to the newer version might be a complex process.

For newer apps this is no big deal, you just have to explicitly add it to the foreign keys definition: This should not affect migrations if the app started with Django 1.11.

We coudn’t upgrade to Django 2.0, as there some dependencies with Python 2.7. If you are looking for development help, contact us today ✉.

Django has been on the 1.x branch for many years now. But this coming release isn't necessarily a major change to the code base.

However, this will not be the case if you have upgraded from an older code base.

It appears that the automatic migrations have not used the on_delete argument, as it defaulted to CASCADE.

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To fix this, you must add the on_delete argument with the value CASCADE in all migrations that create a foreign key: This way the migration is similar to the one created with Django 1.11 and the model states can be rendered.

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