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In the last post we looked at some code to search the current drawing for a particular attribute and update its value.In this post - as promised - we're going to look at how to extend this application to work on a folder of drawings, updating those that contain the attribute and saving them to a new filename.One other benefit this code enables is the choice of constructing the database without an associated document: The above code does not realign attributes after editing their values: if your attributes are anything other than left-justified, you will need to make a call to Adjust Alignment on the attribute reference after editing it.There's a trick to this: you need to make sure the working database is set to the drawing you're working on, as well as passing it as an argument to the function.

Just drag your files & folders and drop them into wy Build.

The page errors at .inner Text with msg: Input string was not in a correct format. Once you have used Select Single Node to select the Cust ID element node you simply need to change its Inner Text e.g. All the examples i looked at people were using attributes of the child node but i have no idea specially being new to xml in

In our earlier post we have seen how to Read Data from XML File using in Microsoft Excel.

You'll see that some DWGs have failed to load: hopefully because they're in need of recovery rather than the workings of this code.

The above technique should handle this gracefully, allowing you to go back and fix the problematic ones.

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In this tutorial will teach you about how to update an XML file using Microsoft Excel. Set Named Item (new Child Attribute) Complete Code: [sourcecode language=”VB”] Sub Update XML() Call fn Update XMLBy Tags End Sub Function fn Update XMLBy Tags() Dim main Work Book As Workbook Set main Work Book = Active Workbook Set o XMLFile = Create Object("Microsoft.

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