Validating against xsd schema

Now let's see how we can validate an XML file against the specified schema.In general, Web browsers like IE and Firefox can be used to browse XML files. So we have to look for other ways to perform XML XSD validation: 1.A Power Shell function seems like a good candidate for this as I can then just pipe a list of files to it like so: dir *| Validate-Xml -Schema .\My I've considered porting C# code from the Validating an Xml against Referenced XSD in C# question, but I don't know how to Add handlers in Power Shell.The Power Shell Community Extensions has a Test-Xml cmdlet.When I validate it in external software xmlspy file passes validation agains it's schema. I have large XML (valid in xmlsyp against schema) stored in CLOB on my DB...On have found some examples how to register XSD schema and how to validate against XSD but without success..

As a part of my development I'd like to be able to validate an entire folder's worth of XML files against a single XSD file.Add this file with name to your project and set Copy to Output Directory property as Copy Always. Add below listed namespaces to project using System. It validates fetch Xml while we call Load() of Xml Document, you can see in code. Let’s test some fetch Xml with above written function. and second is Message which will have error message if fetch Xml is not valid.What I have tried: Visual Studio still isn't giving up any useful debugging or editing information.I tried both 20 (I've done it before in 2008 I thought) Update: I had another developer try this and it failed for him too.

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 So far we learned how to use XSD statements to define a schema for an XML file.

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