Validating form data using hidden fields

If, for example, you have a fixed navbar at the top of your page and you need to adjust the amount of padding between the top of the window and the focused field, you can override the following variable: Add custom validators to be run.Validators should be functions that receive the j Query element as an argument and return an error message if the field is invalid.The validation rules for standard HTML5 attributes are handled entirely by the browser using the HTML5 Constraint Validation API.As such, this plugin isn't in control of things like what qualifies as a valid email address or URL.I don't want to use javascript as I know that users can switch 'active scriting' off, which disables javascript.Due to the forms being critical inputs within an e-commerce system, I must validate them 'server-side'.

Basically I need a method of validating each form field when the form is submitted.The user then must go back to the form, correct the problem and resubmit the form.Cold Fusion will not accept form submission until the entire form is entered correctly.If you find you need more restrictive validations for these fields, you can use the attribute to further constrain what's acceptable.Be careful that you aren't too restrictive though, which might lead to false negatives and a poor user experience.

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