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While some people define sexting as digitally sharing nude or explicit photos and videos only, we define sexting as sending any messages of a sexual nature.

Launched in February, Blindfold is a monthly subscription that sends a new “episode” every month to your phone.

“Sit on top of her and the sheet with the knees on the sides of her body and your butt gently resting on her pelvic area. Angelina told me to kiss M on the lips with no tongue, run my fingernails down her arms and to kiss her again, but to “style it differently.” At the nine-minute mark, she suggests an eskimo kiss (rubbing noses together).

Not sure about you, dear reader, but we reserve eskimo kisses for grossing out people in public, not for the sexy anarchy of private quarters. Who could realistically play this out loud for someone? At this point, we were only 10 minutes in — and would be asleep before we’d ever actually reap the benefits of this foreplay.

What efforts are you both going to make to protect the privacy of the other person?

Set some ground rules and don't be afraid to turn down options that make you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable.

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