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We have already told you how to report an error and how to get a technical support from We Chat.

In this page, you are going to get other details for contact to We Chat. You can ask various technical questions on here and you can ask We Chat to resolve your problems with the app. You can also read our guideline to get more information about how to get support from the staff. If you have any media inquiry about We Chat, you can use this contact information. The contact mail is : [email protected] you are interested to do business with We Chat, you will need to click here. I have sent 4 separate emails to the Wechat Security Help Center and have not received a response.

Girls Who Code gave me not just valuable coding skills but a valuable opportunity: to see myself in a whole new way.

During the Summer Immersion Program, we had to code an mp3 player.

Answer: Please ensure that you have filled the feedback form on the correct source. If you have filled the form from the link which we provided for you above, unfortunately you will need to wait.

May be you can leave a review on Google Play for making We Chat staff to check your problem faster.

Just add your account with these ids and get a reply soon. You can use it to create conversations that are typical for these types of applications with speed and ease.

The only drawback is that compared to other applications, its user base is smaller.

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You can see a list of below just add wechat id into your account. This allows you to make conversations without worrying about being stored in the cloud or on an external server.

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