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And while it takes a certain amount of luck to become Internet famous, Stell has worked hard to ensure her success, turning her regular life into that of a celebrity.

The popular makeup guru started her You Tube channel back in 2008 and has amassed well over 1.4 million channel subscribers.

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As of 2018, he is also the marketing manager at the Michigan-based Jackson School of the Arts."I hate using that term because it has such negative emotions to it, but that's what I've been called my whole life.I've struggled with weight since I was 7 or 8 years old, and it's always been an up and down battle. I've always just had a struggle with keeping weight off." Stell said that she was in her 30s before she truly became comfortable in her own skin and learned to love herself.In 2008, Stell launched her You Tube channel in order to share her love of makeup with a wider audience. "Back then there was no Snapchat or Instagram, and the only users on Facebook were the hipster crowd. Once she started gaining attention on You Tube, she knew that she wanted to start her own business so she started saving up her money.While influencers on You Tube today often have professional-level productions, the scene was much, much different back when Stell was first getting her start in the online beauty influencer world. When I started on You Tube the number of influencers was much smaller and we all filmed in our spare bedrooms with subpar equipment." Stell records with high-end equipment and amazing lighting these days, but, when she was just starting out, she had a handheld video camera and lights she bought at Target. This gave her a lot of control over her cosmetics line.

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