Youth sermons on dating

Anybody else a little bit disturbed these days by the casual and flippant attitude toward dating and sex?

It seems to me that any television series I want to watch is laced with sexual innuendo or straight-up immorality.

We asked our oldest son and his girlfriend to listen to the series early on in their relationship. Hi Andy, would love this for my three kids (two girls, 13 and 14 and my son, 9.). But frankly I have been shocked by what my kids have heard about sex and dating just on prime time Tv and walking thru the mall.

They married in purity a few years later and are serving God together. I did Path of Purity with my oldest, but would like some new material for her as she enters high school!

She had about decided that she was never to find her soul mate. Once she found out that is where he was being fed, she knew he was something to pursue. I decided this was a good time to share this with you guys, and hopefully to encourage you on your journey.

I went home and I told him from that day forward, no more sex. 2 years later he broke up with me because I wasn’t “the one.” After turning it all over to God, I became the person I was looking for was looking for.

I was married this past October and I owe it all to God, Andy, and the Message of “Love, Sex, and Dating.” We are from Alabama.

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I love your blog – your recipes, your parenting tips and shared Allie’s rules for high school with our youth pastors. I have a teen daughter and a friend who is a single mom and back on the dating scene – the messages out there about love sex and dating are crazy, confusing and overwhelming.

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  1. I first wrote this post about my dating experience in Medellin back in April of 2013. Medellin women are beautiful, and word is spreading pretty much around the world.