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At the top of the home page, you’ll find a more than helpful site menu bar, allowing you to easily browse everything Yuvutu has to offer with nothing more than the click of a mouse.

Choose between Dating, Timeline, Categories, Videos, Playlists, Blogs, Members, Chat, Forums, and The Best Porn Sites (yours truly! Not only do the people at Yuvutu know how to make a solid site, they also obviously have really good fucking taste in who they choose to link!

And that’s exactly why I’m here: to help you sort through the slush pile of porn that is the internet, so you can more easily find out exactly which site will be right for you, for each of the different types.

We are all probably more than familiar with the free porn tubes, and I’m sure we all know of the premium sites and studios that we like.

If you’re more of a words guy, you can always peruse through the Blogs section of the site, in which people post their personal sex stories, inquiries, fascinations, kinks, interests … Also, to the right of the blogs section, you’ll find a list of the top 5 bloggers on the site (make it here, and you’re sure to catch some female attention … As if this site didn’t have enough going for it already, there are also entire forums and Chat rooms available for members of the site.

If I can upload my own videos to your site, and so can this super sexy chick the next town over, then I better be able to message that super sexy chick from the next town over … Not only can you message users who you come across in your casual browsing of the site, but you can conduct location-specific searches of fellow users as well, allowing you to find girls within 10, 25, or 50 miles of your location.

Maybe throw a dick pic up there and see if it gains some traction (it probably won’t, though, since if you had an impressive enough dick, you probably wouldn’t be sitting here, reading porn site reviews … On the timeline, also keep track of the girls you follow, and shower them in likes and comments.

Get them nice and wet with social media self-satisfaction, so by the time you make your move, she’s already well aware of who you are. This can also be a great conversation starter – either by making public your own blog posts or reading and commenting on someone else’s. get a nice intro and something to talk about before you shoot your shot.

otherwise, you are not doing all that you could be as a user-oriented porn site! You can, of course, expand your search if you’re desperate enough to take a road trip to potentially get some amateur porn pussy as well.

But this is, by far, my favorite feature of Yuvutu (besides, of course, all the porn).

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So, what I do on sites like this (while I’m looking at porn, obviously) is I try to reach out to as many women as possible that are nearby, trying to secure some potential poon down the road.

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